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Kansas City Sights

Here are a whole bunch of maps, some with sites pinpointed for the wedding...
and others listing some of our favorite hang-outs.
These maps are interactive, so Zoom In/Out or go to the search page.
The Van Noy Mansion
The Kansas City Zoo
Holiday Inn Crown Plaza
Another Hotel: The Quarterage-Westport

Westport (entertainment district)

The KC Social center: late night frolicking happens here. A few dives, some top 40 dance joints and a couple of great hang outs (Public House Brewery, MillCreek Brewery, Harry's Tables and Cigars, Cafe Zola, Westport Coffee House) Restaurant's: Jeresulem Cafe, Cafe Tropicuba, The Corner Diner, St. louis Bread Co., Westport FleaMarket.

River Martket Brewery and Club 427 Jazz

In the Old River Keys and the still vibrant weekend Farmer's Market, this revival of old KC Mob haunts includes the second best brewery in town housed in an old opera house, some of KC's best Italian (Garozzo'a, Cascone's, Jenny's) and a NY Times recommended Jazz Club designed with tiered seating in the spirit of the old Supper of KC's finest.

75th Street Brewery

THE Brewery - Chocolate/Coffee flavors in a stout, a delicious pale ale and the most balanced rasberry ever. Worth the ten minute cab ride.

The Velvet Dog

Inspired by hipsters from Chicago, this red velvet lounge sports a martini bar and bocce ball out back. Also ask about the sister site, The Liquid Lounge!

The Nelson and The Kemper Museum's of Art

The Nelson has long been recognized at a national level for it's superb collection, and hosts most of the well known travelling exhibitions. (Andrew Wyeth, The Barnes Collection). Outside sculpture garden and superb Asian collection too. The Kemper, near the KC Art Institute, is newer, with a representative resident collection and a host to many well known exhibitions. Also the gourmet Cafe Sebastienne!

The Plaza

A lively shopping, entertainment and KC "Scene" designed after the city of Seville, Spain. Located near the heart of the city, many attractions are located here and all within walking distance of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Our Favorites?: Both the Nelson and Kemper Art Museums are near, shopping extrordonaire (Barnes and Noble, Saks, Eddie Bauer, Halls, William Sonoma and many unique shops), Restaurants and Bars: Parkway 600, O'Dowd's Little Dublin, JJ's(great wine list), Fedora's, The Fountain Cafe, Jardine's (Jazz!), Tomfooleries, Grand Street Cafe(Gourmet Magazine: America's Best Tables!) Eden's Alley (Vegetarian), The Peanut, The Grandfaloon and many more.

KU Medical Center

Just in case you need it...I hear the staff and students are actaully competent too!

39th Street- Great eclectic dining and entertainment

Some of the better ethnic and out-of-the ordinary restaurants: Saigon39(Vietnamese), Tribal Grill(Mediteranean), Blue Nile (Ethiopian), Veco and Maculoso's (Italian), Da'Bronx (New York Deli), Cafe Allegro(Gourmet) and Otto's Malt Shop(Amazing burgers and malts in this funky diner!)

18th and Grand Art District - Local and National Exhibits

For a more off-the-beaten-track approach. These galleries line one square block with a wide range of local and regional photo, sculpture and general media holdings. A great "block party" reception the first friday of every month. Nearby: Barcelona's (Tapas!) and California Taqueria (the best!)

Hallmark's Crown Center - Upscale Shopping and Entertainment

On the campus of Hall's Hallmark complex, in the heart of downtown, this fancy commercial center has many unique shops and entertainment (The Coterie Theater!), and an upscale Hotel with 70's charm.


- This neighborhood shopping and restaurant row includes Joe D's Wine Bar, Charlie Hoopers, and Jalapeno's. Describe as "charming".

Chubby's - 24 hours - (Breakfast!) Located in Midtown

Well...keep a map of this place in your back pocket. Late night scene: (no exaggeration...) party-goer's, cops, bums, fratters, carouser's, "dancers", transvestites and ma and pa. This food will someday contribute to your cardiologist's porsche.

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