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Robin and Mike had the great luck of travelling to Peru in October of 1999, visiting three areas of rainforest (terra firma, marsh and cloud forest), the andes including Macchu Pichu and many areas in between. We sighted at least 128 bird species while in the company of orinthologist guides, as well as numerous primates in six different species, tapir, many sloth, capybara, kinkajou, caiman, and more. We visited numerous villages, their people and shaman and the tributaries on which they thrive. We found ourselves on oxbow lakes and in WWII era Japanese research stations long since abandoned and converted to a National Park ranger station. We travelled on foot, across canopy walkways, in luxury yachts and dugout canoes. We slept in open air jungle lodges and Inca palaces. We visited with wonderful people living in simple conditions: thatch huts with no walls and mountain adobes complete with pet monkeys to a livestock of guinea pigs living under the bed. Lots of time and experiences to ponder the meaning of it all, and especially in this era of conservation urgency. Makes America seem sort of silly in a way. All in all, too much to present here so call or email so we can catch up!

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